January 29

Lawyers no longer need an office in New Jersey – The Good and Bad Of It

In the past, a lawyer who practiced in New Jersey was required to have an actual physical office. Starting next month, a lawyer will no longer need a brick-and-mortar type office to practice in New Jersey. While there are certainly some lawyers who are quite capable wherever they reside or do business, those who do not have an office where their clients can meet with them on a regular and reliable basis cannot have the same connection to their community as lawyers with an actual local office. ┬áIt is our belief that a significant factor in selecting a lawyer is their standing in — and their relationship to — the community and its citizens.

It is, of course, true that this new rule will help those clients who need lawyers who can handle transaction-based legal matters that involve multiple states. And those lawyers who do such work will be free to represent clients who do business in multiple states without impediment.