If you are considering looking for a new career after an injury, we got you covered. An injured employee may feel like their career life is at stake and feel like they need a better job in a low-risk industry. Sometimes the employee may be eager to change their career after an accident if the injuries are compromising their tasks.

There are many questions about what may happen if you take a new job while still getting your compensation. That’s where the Workers Compensation Lawyer New Jersey comes in and helps workers to understand all the legal options for receiving their compensation benefits. With us, you can get all the legal advice, and we help workers get the answers to their compensation claim issues.

Here’s What Can Happen to Workers Benefits after Changing Jobs

Workers have the right to shift to new jobs anytime even though you are getting workers compensation benefit from the other employer. Many laws can apply in the decision-making process, and they impact the weekly benefits workers receive. If you are in this situation, here’s what you should know;

  • Workers compensation benefits can’t be canceled when you change jobs
  • The benefits can also be canceled if you have light duty tasks giving you reduced wages
  • The benefits can’t be canceled when you take a job with less payment

With these factors, once you take a job while still receiving compensation benefits from the other job, you should know that this decision can affect the total benefits. You may get the weekly rate and partial benefits, and it may differ from the benefits you have been receiving before. Also, if the new job pays you the same as your former job, the compensation benefits may reduce.

Here’s what can happen to compensation benefits when you take a part-time task;

Many injured workers consider a part-time job, which helps them fill in the financial gap when the compensation ceases. Keep in mind that this will reduce the existing compensation benefits weekly as long as you have extra income. If you receive the payments and don’t report the income, this is usually considered fraud.

This is why injured workers might consider changing their jobs;

  • After the workers find a less demanding job that pays the same price
  • If the workers find a job that meets their restrictions but enables them to keep moving career-wise.

That’s why injured workers can still be eligible to get partial benefits from their compensation claim.

Consider These Factors before Taking the New Job

It would be best if you kept in mind the risks involved in the job switch. These are the considerations;

  • You should be fully recovered before going to work as this puts you at risk.
  • Going back to work may hurt the progress of your recovery.
  • The employer isn’t legally holding the new task for you; hence you should first recover. The employer cannot give you alternative work if anything happens to you.

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