Recommend to Clients that They Seek Medical Attention

When submitting a claim, a medical examination or other documentation will be necessary. If a person’s claim is refused due to inadequate or erroneous medical information, the claim may be denied. Additionally, attorneys might refer clients to a local medical official for review of their injuries.

Allow Clients to Concentrate on Their Healing

By retaining the services of a workers’ compensation attorney, clients may devote more time and attention to recovering their injuries. Attorneys will be allowed to assist with the preparation of specific case papers, attend court hearings, and represent clients against insurance companies. At Lacovara & Burns LLC, our goal is for our clients to heal from their injuries and obtain the full amount of compensation they are entitled to. Our clients may focus on their recuperation while our attorneys handle their case.

Assisting You in Resubmitting a Denied Claim

It might be challenging to resubmit a refused workers’ compensation claim. There are several reasons why claims are first refused. If your claim has been unfairly refused, our attorneys will fight for the compensation you are due as a result of your injuries. Depending on the circumstances, claims may be dismissed due to a lack of information. If your claim was unfairly refused, the experts at Lacovara & Burns LLC will fight for you and assist you in obtaining any benefits that may be available.

Justify Additional Benefit Possibilities

Individuals may be entitled to other benefits in addition to workers’ compensation, such as unemployment and Social Security, under certain circumstances. While this is available for certain individuals, certain situations and standards must be met in order to qualify for extra benefit programs. Attorneys will be able to help individuals in establishing their eligibility for many assistance programs.

Insurance Companies to Confront

Insurance companies will make every effort to reduce the amount of benefits you are entitled to. Attorneys will guarantee that clients obtain all available advantages. Insurance firms may attempt to convince clients that they do not qualify for certain benefits. They will challenge the insurance company and decide which benefits their clients are legally entitled to by engaging a worker’s compensation attorney in NJ.

Adhere to Legal Procedures

Attorneys will work with their clients to ensure that all required and proper legal procedures are followed in connection with their case. From court appearances to confrontations with insurance companies, attorneys will assist their clients throughout the legal procedure.

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